Launch of VIRTU Token:

  • Token $VIRTU release

Release of VirtuCloud Bot:

  • Deployment of Virtu Bot

  • Introduction of user-friendly interface

  • Offers domain hosting, RDP, and VPS functionalities

Commencement of Nodes:

  • Initiation of node deployment for enhanced network reliability and decentralized infrastructure support

  • Implementation of distributed node architecture to ensure high availability and fault tolerance

  • Integration with blockchain networks to enable secure and transparent node operation

Acceleration of Virtual Machine Development:

  • Prioritization of resources for VM development

  • Implementation of optimizations for faster cycles

  • Exploration of new technologies and methodologies to streamline VM provisioning and management processes

  • Collaboration with industry partners and open-source communities to leverage best practices and innovations

Ongoing Bot Enhancements:

  • Continuous updates and improvements to enhance functionality and user experience

  • Integration of user feedback for customization and feature refinement

  • Expansion of bot capabilities to include additional cloud services and advanced automation features

  • Implementation of proactive monitoring and alerting mechanisms to ensure optimal bot performance and reliability

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